Strategies that realise ambition

The focus for all our strategy consulting is to work with clients to:

  • Identify the best industries, sectors and markets to fit your products and services
  • Find, refine or develop a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Choose the right methods to achieve the growth including organic growth, mergers and joint ventures
  • Create a practical roadmap to ensure full implementation

To achieve the best results with clients the following services help unlock or realise clients’ full potential.

Strategic planning

Through our unique tailored model, we work with clients to Define, Discover, Decide and Deliver strategy that achieves a lasting impact.


Being clear about the impact from the outset

  • Set clear aims and objectives
  • Understand the client context and strategic imperatives

Understanding the client’s full business potential

  • Define/clarify clients’ Values, Vision and Mission
  • Identify the clients’ key commercial strengths and weaknesses
  • Build a deep market understanding inc. financial trends and customer needs
  • Examine current and potential competitors
  • Analyse the influence of market players i.e. suppliers and channels
  • Develop creative industry/market options for clients’ products and services
  • Identify the source of long-term competitive advantage
  • Agree the mix of organic, acquisition, partnership & divestment strategies
Decision – making

Making smart strategic decisions

  • Agree balanced criteria to evaluate the options
  • Assess if the options are addressing the key market factors
  • Examine the level of financial and non-financial return for each strategy option
  • Rate which strategies are feasible
  • Decide the final strategies to pursue

Agreeing plans that make things happen

  • Ensure each department creates detailed plans driven by the business strategy
  • A plan of action to guide implementation e.g. Business Plan, Business Transformation Plan or Organisational Change Plan
  • Share strategic plans throughout the client’s business
  • Regular and transparent progress at all levels on development and impact

Strategy implementation

Depending on the scale and complexity of the implementation, SPURR can help support client teams execute the strategy so that the competitive advantage is achieved by a clear, focused and highly motivated organisation. A combination of coaching, workshops, strategy roadmaps and real-time dashboard reporting are used to ensure that business plans, business transformation and organisational change programmes become a living reality.

Strategy reviews

SPURR work with clients to review the key components of a current or emerging strategy. This may be something that the client needs to use with key stakeholders or is requested by institutional or private funders. Our reviews provide confidence that critical issues are pre-empted and opportunities fully explored to produce a more coherent and effective strategy proposition.

New strategy planning systems

The design, development and implementation of strategic planning systems which builds capability and empowers clients to design, build and execute strategy in the future.


Specific capability or knowledge gaps can be identified which hold clients back from creating a fully coherent strategy. It could be a need to concentrate on refining purpose, analyse new markets or help with options selection – whatever it is, SPURR provides a targeted service to improve performance.