In 2017, whether it was running events to talk to businesses about leading-edge strategy or creating and executing strategic plans, the focus has been to help clients achieve great things.

We have met some amazing businesses and partnered with a great set of professional service companies and entrepreneurs.

Working in a diverse range of sectors has addressed a wide variety of needs and demonstrated the power of ‘getting strategy right’.  Some of the key areas covered during 2017 were:

  • A complete business strategy – building an in-depth understanding of the market, clarifying the long-term competitive advantage and setting strategic priorities for each function together with an implementation plan
  • Executing and communicating strategy brilliantly – enhancing and fine-tuning business strategy, communicating key priorities then establishing the KPIs which teams believe in then ‘live’
  • Clarifying strategic mission and values – establishing consensus on the core values of the organisation, taking its history and making the mission relevant for the future
  • Making smart strategic decisions – creating and implementing a strategic decision methodology that helps the organisation in dynamic and demanding markets identify and select opportunities based on commercial attractiveness, market fit, risk and feasibility.

Throughout this work SPURR has strived to provide the leading-edge, personalised and responsive experience that marks us out in the market and we are delighted to have received and great reception in the market:

“The clearest thinking ‘on one page’ that I’ve seen over a number of years”

“Absolute pleasure to work with …excellent play by play account of the process and the pathway throughout the construction of the plan”

“Great commitment to better understanding our specific industry and need”

“Really nice event guys. Excellent execution!”

“One of the best presentations I’ve seen in a long time”

“4 things which were new to me this morning (or I just hadn’t really thought of) have already been implemented”

 “Exceptional growth strategy concept”


2018 will be a challenging and exciting year in equal measure, and we look forward to helping clients navigate the opportunity this presents!

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