Who we are

SPURR was created to provide a strategy consulting service that better reflects modern business, the dynamism of markets and the changing nature of organisations and the people in them.

Founded in 2016 by Jonathan Lamb, decades of experience of growing market-leading innovative companies, working with talented business leaders and using consulting expertise were used to create a new service.  

When working with businesses whose drive, creativity and meticulous focus mark them out in their industry, you need to have a crystal clear idea of how you add value.  Our company is driven by these high expectations and turns them into services producing business strategies that maximise client’s potential.   


The fundamental principles we bring to strategy consulting are set out below. All our work with clients is driven by these beliefs – values that we live to achieve greats things.

  • Ambition – making a difference drives us; both client results and what to expect from consulting
  • Curiosity – creative and critical thinking, we bring fresh perspectives and new opportunities
  • Daring – we’re excited by new challenges and look to disrupt
  • Respect – we believe business should be personal and that empathy matters
  • Integrity – building trust through confidentiality, openness and simplicity is paramount


Where we want to take the industry is bold.

We want to liberate the potential of business through strategy experiences sought after by clients, admired by our team and respected in the industry.


To achieve this our mission is:

To help business people achieve great things by providing a leading-edge and personalised service experience which specialises in strategy development and execution.


Our expertise covers the breadth and depth of strategy in a variety of industries and reflects how it is developed and implemented in the board room right the way through to key management and their teams. This experience includes:

  • Boardroom leadership of market-leading companies
  • Corporate planning and strategy development
  • Business transformation and innovation programmes
  • Business to business strategic marketing
  • New market expansion
  • Developing strategic alliances, acquisitions and consortium working
  • Creating and improving business-wide planning and delivery systems
  • Commercial development programmes
  • Corporate communications and brand management
  • Original academic work in corporate entrepreneurship
  • Critical analysis and thought leadership
  • Extensive programme and project management